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Do you want to make this tool available to other coaches, while generating passive revenue for your coaching business?

Submit your tool to TheCoachMarket.com, and we'll add it to our online catalog. We will promote the tool for you, process online orders, deliver your tool to customers, and send you a sales summary every month. All you have to do is submit it to us!

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Want to Know More?

Once your tool is accepted into TheCoachMarket.com, it remains in our catalog for the lifetime of TheCoachMarket.com! So you continue generating passive income from your coaching tools sales no matter what! Submission is free. If we are asked to remove your tool within six months, there will be a fee of $35.

Here is how it works:

  • We will accept your tool in the following formats: PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or HTML. You can submit it using this submission form.
  • TheCoachMarket.com will pay you 50% royalties on every sale. You can set your own price, although we'll make a recommendation after reviewing your tool.
  • We require non-exclusive rights, which means you can sell your tools anywhere else.
  • You specify how your tool can be used. You can allow other coaches to give it away to their clients, include it as a bonus in their product, use it with their coaching clients, sell it to their coaching clients, or use it as a marketing tool on their web site.
  • You may request up to 3 different categories to list your tool in, without additional charge.
  • Remember, you're not only getting a listing for your tool here, but your name, photo, bio and a link to your web site will also be on our web site. This is a permanent lifetime advertisement for your business here!

E-books, e-courses and manuals take too long to write, but you need your passive revenue now! So create and submit your tools to TheCoachMarket.com and start enjoying your new source of income today.

You can even extract a worksheet, checklist or another tool from a book or manual you wrote, and sell it as a separate tool on this web site. This is a great way to attract buyers for your full-size products!

Ready to submit? Go to our online submission form. Still have questions? Check our Frequently Asked Questions section.

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